Gary's 2015 Yamaha R1

John's Turbo Suzuki Hyabusa

Mototune sponsored rider Ben is running the Custom Ecu flash providing this bike with the much needed punch and reliability in racing. Not only does this bike look amazing but owned by one very fast rider!

2015 R1 at Adelaide International Raceway

Ben's 2015 Yamaha R1

Comment from Kane:

"A massive shoutout to Joel from Mototune for making me fall in love with my bike all over again.. Finally got to open her up through the hills and no joke it was a struggle to keep the front wheel on the ground, never expected such a huge difference in power and such a clean tight feeling engine. A massive massive THANKYOU buddy!! "

Adam's 2010 Suzuki Gsxr-600

2015 Yamaha R1

A  few images of Gary on his Mototune/Peterstevens Yamaha R1. This is without a doubt the cleanest Racebike in the field!

This bike features a fully stock motor with the addition of a turbo charger and a decompression head gasket. With careful mapping this bike punches our 339 Rear wheel Horsepower. Due to the high power even at the end of the 1/4 it still loves to lift the front wheel. Currently its best pass is a 9.0 @ 165mph, unfortunately the owner doesn't have a Andra license and was not allowed to make any more passes. Hopefully in 2016 season we will get this bike deep into the 8 second zone!

This bike features custom mapping which provides a stout 110hp at the rear wheel. With the Ecu based Quickshifter and Launch control make this bike a lot of fun!!!!

John's 2008 Suzuki Hyabusa

Bought brand new in May 2015 the Yamaha R1 was a great bike, everything worked well but far from perfect.

After a quick run in it was time to see what the R1 could do down the 1/4 mile and around the race track. The bike performed very well with a best pass of 10.0 @ 152mph down the 1/4 mile.

Around the track it was equally as impressive with the electronics package making a poor rider feel like a MotoGP superstar.

What let the bike down was its terrible snatchy throttle in PWR mode 1, As any R1 owner knows from the 09 onwards models the Yamaha throttle is very hard to modulate and the bike feels like it hunts to keep a steady speed.

Upon inspection of the ECU maps Yamaha heavily restrict the throttle openings with very poor ignition timing and fueling. The Mototune Ecuflash has custom built maps around what actually works not just the standard unrestricted maps that a lot of other people use.

The end result is a bike that is very smooth on throttle, with a lot more midrange grunt that the dyno doesn't replicate. Many other features of the ECU are adjusted to further enhance the riderbility of the motorbike.

Mototune Bikes

This Mototune sponsored rider is running the custom race mapping which controls the rate of power per gear to tame the mighty ZX-10R. These bikes after the Mototune Ecu Flash are truly awesome and are absolutely amazing to ride. Good Luck for the 2015 Season Ashley!

Ashley's 2013 ZX-10R

Constant development has gone into the Suzuki Hyabusa Maps unleashing the power of these motorcycles.

Through lots of dyno and 1/4 mile data testing this bike has ran a best of a 9.3 @ 155mph which is incredible on a completely stock motor. With a datalogger now fitted we are hoping to dip into the 9.1's with some further tuning and hopefuly 8's with a few goodies fitted. Currently making just over 200 rear wheel horsepower puts this bike into Ninja H2 territory!

Kane's 2011 CBR1000rr